This individual is overall very fit and dialed into their fitness. Think of this person as one who has done a ton of Crossfit and at 30-35 years old, realized that it was doing more harm than good (they're getting smarter now).

The GT 500 Mustang has been developing their own version of circuit strength training and has a fairly open/ expeditionary mindset, but is stuck in a rut, mainly from an over-emphasis on saggital plane (frontal) training. This individual also wants to incorporate a combatives component into their workouts and knows that he/she has to be the agent in charge of their family’s executive protection detail. His/her conditioning is solid and has a great relative strength level.

Their focus with CST is on:

  1. Maintaining strength and conditioning levels that they've worked so hard to build.
  2. Adding transverse-plane (rotational) exercises to balance out their movement patterns.
  3. Preventing injury and increasing performance through gains in mobility/stability work.
  4. Shoring-up areas that we call, the "Missing Links": grip strength, neck strength, agility (i.e. footwork), balance, and proprioception.
  5. Development of Speed and Quickness because mobility = survivability.