COMBAT Chassis

Within the Combat Strength Training system we refer to the human body as the "Combat Chassis". A chassis is a motor vehicles framework and foundation.

The Combat Chassis concept was used in the Special Operations community when I was active duty to describe how we should look at ourselves. Using this analogy offers a way to identify various components of human performance as well as convenient way to distinguish between types of CST users.

I have identified four (4) Combat Chassis types that are archetypal of CST users. They are:

  • Combat Chassis Type 1: Ford Pinto
  • Combat Chassis Type 2: Chevy Impala
  • Combat Chassis Type 3: Jeep Wrangler
  • Combat Chassis Type 4: Ford GT 500 Mustang

In the following pages I've highlighted some more details of these chassis types so you can determine your starting point with CST.

Don't get hung up if you personally don't fit a chassis type perfectly. If you're having trouble determining your specific chassis type, go to the one with the lower number and start easier. Remember, performance can be measured by doing what we can with what we have.

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