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Michael Bann

Michael Bann
Michael Bann
Head On-Site Coach at OPEX

Michael is currently the Head On-Site Coach at OPEX Fitness in Arizona. Prior to that, he has held multiple positions for different organizations in the strength and conditioning field.

He was the head strength and conditioning coach for a law enforcement academy in Flagstaff Arizona as well as a strength and conditioning instructor for Northern Arizona University while studying exercise science for undergrad. He then made the move to Scottsdale, to attend Arizona State University to study Kinesiology. He also taught anatomy, physiology and cadaver labs for Arizona State University. He currently is pursuing his Masters of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in sports conditioning.

Michael’s expertise is in performance enhancement. He places a very high value in continuing education in the form of courses, books, conferences mentorships and apprenticeships. He has traveled across the country taking courses from DNS, PRI, SFMA, FMS, Catalyst Athletics, CFSC, as well as traveling to conferences and lectures given by industry leading coaches.

This wide array of perspectives around strength, movement and performance is what has made Michael an invaluable resource for the other coaches onsite at OPEX Fitness as the “go-to” guy with questions.

Michael has logged in excess of 15,000 hours of coaching in person, while also having written thousands of programs for various clients ranging from current active duty special forces personnel (deployed and non-deployed), Division 1 NCAA athletes, professional athletes and has also helped countless men and women get stronger than they ever thought possible.

When not traveling taking courses, reading books, attending conferences or in the trenches coaching, Michael enjoys Olympic Weightlifting, golf, and spending time with his rescued puppy Buddy