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Introducing the CST Basic Course


What is the CST Basic Course?

The CST Basic Course is the all-digital version of my full-day CST course that I teach all over the country. It's aim is to help military service members, first responders (LEO's and Firefighters), and responsibly-armed civilians become more efficient and more capable versions of themselves so they are better able to complete 3 objectives: Save their own lives, save someone elses life, and crush bad guys. The course will take you behind the scenes of CST with a ton of new content never released publicly until now.

What is included in the CST Basic Course?


Short answer:

- A series of videos spanning 9 Training Modules

- An Exercise Video library with over 50 explainer videos

- Workout Templates (a.k.a. Chassis Guides) covering different types of combat chassis's of different ability levels

- BONUS features (keep reading for details)



As soon as you enroll, you get immediate access to...

9 Step-by-Step Modules

I'll guide you step-by-step through the philosophy and exercises of the CST system over 4 hours of videos. You can learn at your own pace and within your own capability, whatever that may be. 



Module 1 - Intro to CST
Module 2 - Core Principles
Module 3 - Coaching
Module 4 - Strength
Module 5 - Power
Module 6 - Hypertrophy
Module 7 - Speed & Quickness
Module 8 - Missing Links
Module 9 - Final Re-Cap

Exercise Video Library

Over 50 demonstration videos where I show you how to perform many of the exercises in the CST system.

4 Chassis Guides - Workout Templates
PLUS - Demo Videos of Pat doing Workouts.

I've developed 4 sample workout templates (a.k.a. "Chassis Guides") to jump-start your initiation into the CST programming methodology. Each of the templates covers 4 weeks of workouts and will give you a visual reference to the 4-day programming cycle that I propose with CST.

The four templates cover the ability spectrum of different Combat Chassis' that I see when I'm out delivering tactical training to my clients across the country. So no matter your ability, these guides will give you a framework to develop your own programming and "own" it. 

In addition to the guides, I've included videos that explain the workouts for each day of the first week week and then I run through the workout at full-speed to guide you through step-by-step.


What happens if you get stuck or don't know where to start? I've developed some additional FREE BONUS resources included with the course to help get you some traction and moving again with your fitness. 

The Equipment List will show you the exact equipment I recommend to assist you with using CST to upgrade your combat chassis. Don't worry: the list favors a minimalist approach and encourages creativity to get your workouts done.  

The Nutritional Recommendations cheat sheet highlights simple yet brutally effective tips to improving your performance through tweaking what you throw down your hatch. Lots of people try to make this more difficult than it has to be. Follow these guidelines and you'll be well on your way to increased performance. 

The Frequently Asked Questions document covers the major questions I get about CST, general fitness, supplements, nutrition, and other relevant topics. Keep this handy as you're going through the course. 

The Exercise List document shows you all of the exercises listed in the templates and videos and categorizes them by workout type: Power, Strength, Speed & Quickness, and Hypertrophy. Think of it as "Lego's for CST" in that you'll have the building blocks to start building and executing your own daily workouts.

The Foundation Training Video Series is a 6-part video training series that is designed to show you how to move from Pain to Performance. It was part of a collaboration I did with Dr. Eric Goodman, creator of FT, and Elijah Sacra of Warrior Wellness Solutions. If you're in too much pain (especially back pain) to do most of the CST proscribed exercises and workouts, this video training series will open a whole new world for you. It rocks! It's also a great tool to use for your warm-ups as well as getting some movement in on your off days.


Who is the CST Basic Course For?

While I feel that just about anyone can benefit from CST's performance-based training philosophy, the CST Basic Course is designed for 3 groups of people:



During my career in U.S. Army Special Operations, I saw that the physical training in most military units was (and mostly still is) outcome-based and has a lot of "Missing Links". Lots of guys got hurt and stayed hurt for a long time. CST is my performance-based answer to those shortcomings because our nation's military service members deserve better. We all need you to perform at the highest levels possible because you stand in the gap between us and our enemies who wish us harm. With a heavy focus on self-preservation and longevity, this course will make sure you're stronger for longer and not just "single use". A broken Combat Chassis isn't conducive to mission completion. 

Law Enforcement Officer

If you are an LEO, then you need this course. In an age of shrinking budgets, fewer resources, and more violent offenders, you often find yourselves in an uphill battle. In the fight of your life, you may be your own backup. This course will help you develop a better, stronger, more efficient, and all around more capable version of yourself.


Thankfully our U.S. Constitution protects the rights of every citizen to pursue life, liberty, and property, as well as the means to defend them. No matter your occupation, you're the agent in charge of your own protective detail, especially if you have a family. With that position comes the responsibility to ensure you're as prepared as you possibly can be. Being fit makes you better able to focus on higher level tasks when in dangerous situations. This course will help you become better physically prepared for the perils of the modern world. Your family, friends, and community are counting on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will I get access and for how long?

Answer: As soon as you successfully submit your one-time payment you will instantly have UNLIMITED access to all of the content.


Question: Do I get charged monthly or yearly (i.e. a recurring payment)?

Answer: Nope, access to the course is ONE payment. That's it.


Question: What if I've really "let myself go" physically over the years? I've seen some of your videos online and am concerned it's a bit too much for me to do considering where I'm at right now. Can I still do CST?

Answer: No sweat. CST offers an alternative to the "outcome-based" training approach that a lot of fitness fads subjugate their followers to. Outcome-based training is execution with consideration of the consequences. It says "will I succeed or will I fail." Not much room for growth. The performance-based training approach in this course allows everyone to work within their own capabilities to make incremental improvements toward their personal goals. No one is "too far gone" in CST. 


Question: I don't quite understand your programming I a soup sandwhich?

Answer: Negatron! Not only do course Modules 1 and 2 cover CST's programming approach, but 4 Chassis Guides (workout templates) are also included to get you started with doing CST. Each guide covers 4 weeks of sample workouts to get you oriented to the system.


Question: What if I don't fully understand some of the exercises utilized in CST?

Answer: The course includes a streaming video library where I demonstrate over 50 exercises to guide you along the way. 


Question: What if I'm still stuck on things like equipment to start out with and what to eat?

Answer: There are BONUS cheatsheets for all of those topics and more.


Question: I'm in a pain and am unable to do some of the exercises utilized by CST due to injuries, etc; is the course still for me?

Answer: Even if you have mobility and injury restrictions, you can learn much from the performance-based approach CST promotes. The Foundation Training video series in the BONUS content is a great resource to for those with back and joint pain.


Question: What if I watch the entire course, and all of the exercise library, and read all of the other materials and still don't get much benefit? 

Answer: I'll back you up with my money back guarantee (see below).

How do I get Started and How Much Does it Cost?

The CST Basic Course I'm offering here is the digital version of the same course I teach live to various private classes throughout the year all over the country, most of them on the East Coast.  Those classes are limited to 12 students and the cost is $250 per person. 

I decided to launch the digital version of the course due to the overwhelming number of requests for training in order to help more people become a better version of themselves through CST.

Today I'm offering the entire CST Basic Course package for a special price of just $147. This price is ONLY available to those like you who participated in the free training series.

I'm also offering a 30-day money back guarantee on your money. If you don't like all of the content and performance benefits of the CST system, just tell my support team and we'll send your money back. No questions asked. 

Lifetime Access Plan



9 Modules (4 hours)

Exercise Video Library (2 hours)

Workout Templates

5 Bonuses

Lifetime Access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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What others say about the CST Basic Course...

"CST isn't just game-changing, it's life-changing!" - DJ K.

"I would suggest everyone who's interested in Pat's philosophy of training - order the eBook that he has. Short, concise and you'll find yourself going back to it for reference often. Then sign up for the video subscription [course] on his site. My tow cents...great stuff as always Pat!" --Jeff L. 

"You speak to your audience in a way that includes people without your physical abilities. I'm younger AND less agile, but the @#$! if I'm giving up. There is no way for me to signal the appropriate respect and appreciation here. Your example is changing me. Thanks...just thanks." -- Guggianoke

"I took Pat's CST class a couple of years ago and bought the eBook. Good stuff and I'm glad I have incorporated much of it into my training. Especially the mindset of why I'm training. -- Andy C.